paper bags flexo printing plates and sandwich paper deli paper Zincograph du Liban

paper bags flexo printing plates and sandwich paper deli paper zincograph du liban

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Full-service Prepress, Flexo & paper package printing

Zincograph has provided quality Printing Plates and Flexo Printing services to the Lebanese market and beyond since 1957! We specialize in graphic design, digital cliché and paper package printing services to cover all your business needs. From restaurants to roasteries, we are your one-stop shop.

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zincograph weipong machinery agent lebanon syria jordan

Agent of Weipong Machinery in Lebanon, Syria & Jordan

Weipong Machinery is one of the best manufacturers of Flexo Folder Gluer machines coming from Taiwan with over 30 years of experience. Zincograph du Liban is now the sole agent responsible of sales and after-sales services of Weipong Machinery in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.


Provide Quality

Prepress and Paper Package Printing services

Prepress and manufacturing all kind of Paper Bags , Sandwich Paper and Gift Paper is widely used in restorations , bakeries , sweets and other buisness sectors.

What we can do

Zincograph du Liban is a company situated in Lebanon, Beirut. For more than 60 years, we have been serving our clients with great quality products. All of our services are customized to reflect the client’s brand and market needs.

We provide three different services to our clients.

Flexography : Customized Flexo Plates

Flexography (sometimes refereed to as flexo) is a known printing technique that uses flexible plates.In fact, Flexo plates are modern element that can be used to print on any kind of paper, plastic, nylon, cellophane, polypropylene, cardboard items. Moreover, Flexo plates are widely used nowadays in printing for various types of food packaging and much more.

Printed packages : Paper bags and Sandwich Paper

Paper Bags are bags that are made out of paper (usually Kraft paper).In fact, these kind of bags are widely used for packaging. Some example of paper bags are coffee bags, bread baguette bags, fast food bags, etc… Whereas Sandwich Paper are sheets of paper that are used to wrap sandwiches, tacos, donuts or others usually for sanitary purposes.

Design Services

Designing a logo for your business is the most important step in creating your identity and market presence. Having your logo on flexo plates or printed packages allows you to spread your name and stand up from competition in the market.

Quality Flexo Plates (Cliche)
Excellent Printed Paper Bags
High Standard Printed Sandwich Wrapper Paper
Design Services

Frequently asked

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Zincograph – Abroad Shipping

Yes. Zincograph du Liban can ship your order wherever you are! Be it flexo plates, digital designs or printed custom paper bags, sandwich or deli paper, Zincograph du Liban can send products anywhere in the world. For more information, please contact us.

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Multiples Paper Bags and Sandwich paper sizes

Yes, definitely. Zincograph du Liban can offer you different sizes of paper bags or paper sandwiches (wrappers and deli paper). Upon ordering you can choose the size that best fits your needs!

flexo cliche printing plate customized Flexo Plates with Existing Logo

If you already have a logo , Zincograph du Liban can renovate it for you or just use it as is. In both cases, we will provide you fine detailed Flexo Plates that will fit your needs and help you growing your market identity.

Our Contacts

Our Office Lebanon, Beirut, Ras Beirut, Badr Demachkieh Street
Phone 00 961 1 81 38 06
Email Address zincolb@hotmail.com

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